Web Development

Traditional business software is great, we all use it, but it tends to bind users to local computers, requires multiple installations and is often associated with a whole host of management & licensing challenges.

Whilst off-the-shelf software allows a company to operate, its 'best-fit' approach often requires companies & users to conform to generic practices and not always fully encompasses key business processes.

Similarly, legacy desktop systems can be given a new lease of life, migrating from internal use to collaborative extranets, for example.

Business systems needn't be complicated, they shouldn't need specialist platforms with astronomical licensing models and it shouldn't take weeks to install & commission and even longer to train the user base - there is a better way.

Clean, simple & intuitive are all phrases that Shreems embrace, ensuring that each and every web application is perfectly functional, a pleasure to use, requiring only a small amount of training.

At Shreem IT Solutions, we specialise in Microsoft technologies, namely ASP / .NET / SQL Server / IIS, leading cost effective solutions for the modern business.